Toobrushes review on Aussietheatre

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In an article reviewing the entire week 4 programme at the Newtown Theatre, Catilin Wright says…

“Two toothbrushes, Pink and Blue, are parting ways after their humans break up. It’s a very unique concept that is strangely engaging as we consider the perspective of this mundane bathroom implement. The two performances are great and is a cute ending to this evening of theatre.”

You can read the entire article here.

If you’ve not already managed to attend the week 4 programme, it’d be terrific if you can make it along; and if you feel that ‘A Toothbrush Tale’ is deserving, perhaps you could vote for it as your favourite play in the series.

Book your tickets on the S&S website – the week 4 programme ends on Sunday 31st January.

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