The Goon Show LIVE! audition announcement

We are pleased to announce that we’ve had some wonderful applications for audition; however a few people have written to say they are unable to put together a sound bite due to time or technology constraints… so, to be sure that everyone has the chance to tip their hat into the ring, we have eliminated the need to send a voice recording.

For audition information, visit this page.

Please apply here, sending your biog.

At the first audition on Sunday 14th April, you will be required to demonstrate your ability to reproduce the character-voices of at least one of Milligan, Sellers, Secombe or Greenslade.

That being successful, you will be asked to to attend a call-back on the 28th April.

NOTE: as with the show, all audition will be held in Katoomba, Blue Mountains.

Good luck!

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