The Goon Show in 2013

Bryan’s major project for 2013 is directing and producing The Goon Show, which will be included in the programme for the annual Yulefest Blue Mountains.

The Goon show, which was primarily created and written by Spike Milligan, was produced and aired by the BBC between 1951 (initially titled ‘Crazy People’) and 1960. Since then, The Goon Show has regularly been broadcast around the world including (still today) on Australia’s Radio National.

Offered as a Christmas in July dinner with show, this live-on-stage recreation of The Goon Show will delight everyone. Widely acclaimed as being ahead of its time, and being the inspiration for other comedic cults such as Monty Python and The Goodies, this event will be, at the same time a step back in time for those who remember – and a wonderful discovery for those who new to the best of British comedy.

Bryan is finalising dates and venue… and shortly will be announcing auditions. If you are an actor who has a special talent in recreating the delightful character voices made famous by Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe and Michael Bentine – be sure to subscribe to Bryan’s Actors’ email list. Dates of auditions are yet to be finalised, however it is expected that the first call-out will be announced in January 2013.

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