The Dreaded Lurgi – what an audience reaction!

[one_half]Last night, Saturday November 29th, we presented Lurgi Strikes Britain for the first time. This Spike Milligan masterpiece was presented as part of my The Goon Show LIVE! dinner and show in the Trattoria restaurant at St. Mounts Boutique Hotel in Blackheath.

The audience as always was wonderful… but we think that last night’s show was possibly the best the best we’ve performed to date.

Certainly the evidence (audience literally in tears at several points through the night – um, that’s a good thing, isn’t it?) seemed to indicate as much. In fact, most people who came along stayed around for about an hour and a half after the show, meeting and talking with our cast, collecting autographs (the guys are quite chuffed about that) and generally sharing their favourite memories of the original Goons. [/one_half][one_half_last]

One of our favourite moments was our very own Robin Queree, who plays Spike in the show, treating us all to the delights of his singing voice… beautiful! Take a look at our video clip… what do you think?

We’ll be posting up some photos from the night soon; in the meantime though, book your tickets for our last show of 2014… next Saturday 6th December at the Wentworth Falls Country Club.


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