Brag Brag Brag

Not that we’re into blowing our trumpet… well not too hard… but the opening night of The Goon Show LIVE! on Saturday 23rd June is SOLD OUT! There are still good tickets available for the rest of our dinner and show dates, so if you’re hoping to experience the Best British Belly Laugh Down Under, […]


Last Sunday 23rd July, was our Afternoon Tea Show at The Metropole, as part of our annual Yulefest Blue Mountains season. All our shows feature musical interludes, featuring our very own musical maestro Andrew. Russell. Here’s a video (on our YouTube channel) of him performing the classic song ‘It Had To Be You’ at last […]

Hi-Jinx with the Goons on a High

Yes yes yes yes YES! Last night’s Yulefest dinner and show at the Metropole was as CraZy as it gets! We ended up having to find an IMPOSTER! because our own John Stretton a.k.a. Peter Sellers was struck down by a severe case of the Lurgi the night before and was unable to perform. So […]


We’ve just sold the last tickets to next Saturday’s (29th July) dinner and show – which is our closing show. There are still a few tickets left for tonight’s (22nd July) and tomorrow’s Afternoon Tea shows… not many though. Remember, the last few tickets can be yours for 15% off the standard price. NOTE: this […]

Last Tickets for The Goon Show LIVE!

Cut-Price Goons? OK Goon-Types… there is only a handful of tickets left for the last 3 of our shows – and because we want the roof to be raised with as much Goon-type hubbub possible, the remaining tickets can be yours for 15% off the standard price. NOTE: this offer is only for General Admission / […]

Ho Ho Ho it’s the The Goon Show…. LIVE!

Here’s Simon Lenthen aka Neddy Seagoon giving the camera the full force of the Christmas-in-July festivities. Last Saturday’s show was a hit. On Saturday 15th July at the Metropole Katoomba, the audience were packed in and settled down for a great night. They especially enjoyed the special extra episode, Christmas Crackers, which has not been […]

2 tickets left for 15th July Yulefest dinner & show

There are two lonely tickets for toinight’s show… please adopt them…

What really happens before a show?

Pre-show is like a mad-house really Come to think of it, that sums up the lads when they’re on-stage too. Here’s young Robin ‘Spike’ Queree on the tele-phone before the show last Saturday. Who’s he calling? Could it be You? Come and join in the general melee of silliness at this Saturday’s dinner/show at the […]

Those Goon-NUTS love The Goon Show LIVE!

The World is FULL of Goon-type-NUTS …and we’re pleased to note that a few of them turn up at our shows. At last Saturday’s Yulefest Dinner and Show, we had a room full of them. One of their number was Gary from Rozelle, who sent us this wonderful note, which we’ve pasted here in full; My Dad […]

New Audiences love us too!

One of the things we’re especially pleased as punch about, is the number of new audiences who are discovering the joy of the cult comedy that the Goons cooked up. Last Saturday night was no exception, with several ‘Goon-type-virgins’ coming along to our Yulefest 2017 Dinner and Show. Here’s one of them, Melissa, explaining what […]