S&S 2010 – the play Bryan is directing…

Here is an excerpt of the play “A Toothbrush Tale (We’ll  Always Have Peach Tile)”, by Anika Herbert.


A pair of toothbrushes, one BLUE and one PINK stand together on a bathroom vanity. BLUE is panting heavily.

PINK:            Are you okay? He was brushing like a madman.

BLUE:           (brushing it off)I’m okay.  He’s just upset.

PINK:            You can always tell. Sarah’s been brushing pretty hard lately as well.

BLUE:           Break ups. They’re tough.

PINK:             I just didn’t see it coming. I thought they were happy. (pause) So when do you move out?

BLUE:           Tomorrow morning.

PINK: So this is our last night together? I guess it’s our last chance to say anything we wanted to say to each other…

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