a werewolf, John, with a glass of beer

Special event: “Hello, I’m John, and I’m an alcoholic werewolf”

What? Performance and a glass or two of Bubbles

When? Sunday 30th June 2024 at 4pm

Where? Little Lost Bookshop Katoomba

Why? Raising funds for the 'Black no sugar' project


Sunday 30th June is our last event, coinciding with our last day of fund-raising. This time, in Katoomba at The Little Lost Bookshop. The story being featured is “Hello, I’m John, and I’m an alcoholic werewolf”. Read a small excerpt here.

This event marks the end of the long fund-raising road, and the beginning of the next journey… casting of our audio narrators, recording the stories, commissioning a composer / musician, recording the title track and distributing the final works.

We appreciate your help in bringing Carole’s ‘Black, no sugar’ stories to life.

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