Silly-ness to continue and a rave review!

This Saturday night the 22nd of March… what are you going to do?

Wander along to the Warrawee Bowling Club for a terrific dinner and show of course!

The Goon Show LIVE! is appearing in the second of 3 Rotary Club of Wahroonga events. It’s a great night of delicious food (a sumptuous meal starting with canapés, followed by a 2-course dinner) and some of the best comedy ever written.

Last Saturday was a success by all measures… and to prove it, here’s a wonderful email we received from Tony who was there for our Sydney debut;

“… Having grown up with “The Goons” and developing into a Life Long fan, I must admit I was a just a ‘tad’ sceptical… I can not give compliments for the sake of being polite, I just keep my mouth shut. I doubt there is anyone better than those four guys who entertained us on Saturday night, there were times when I thought I was actually listening to the original recording. And their expertise with the microphones was great to see, their ‘off mike’ presence was in- character too! Thank God you are all Goon Show lovers… it shows…”

High praise indeed… we wish we’d thought of writing it!

These 3 Sydney shows are also fund-raisers for the Rotary Club of Wahroonga’s youth projects, another great reason to come along. So read about the show here, or jump right in and book your tickets for a night you’ll remember… it is the best of British comedy.

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