Rave audience reviews for Yulefest Blue Mountains dinner and show

Rob Queree is looking out s Spike Milligan in The Goon Show LIVE!
Rob Queree is looking out s Spike Milligan in The Goon Show LIVE!

It has been a racy start to the 3rd appearance of The Goon Show LIVE! at the annual Yulefest Blue Mountains. This homage to arguably the greatest British comedy cult ever written, is now already half-way through it’s 2015 season at Katoomba’s Hotel Blue.

As always, the event is attracting Goon fans from around the globe, some of whom tell us they’ve actually planned their holidays around the show’s performance dates – because going for too long without a fix of Goonery is like surgical removal of one’s funny-bone.

What’s equally interesting is the contingent of Goon-virgins who suddenly become converts after attending one of our shows… more CraZy people, just what the world needs!

We are especially chuffed at some the audience reviews we’ve been receiving; we love these gems;

  • Steve wrote  to us saying, “The Goon show live is brilliantly funny. With impeccable timing and great attention to the nuances of the original, this new generation of Goon’s bring the scripts to life in a fun filled tribute to the legendary radio show. This show is not just for Goon’s fans but I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves comedy.”

Then there was this from Colin…

  • “The Show was accurate, as close to the original scripts as possible, if a little ad libbed. Then the original Goons were ad libbed, weren’t they!? The show was very very funny!”

Well, yes Colin, ad-libbing is a sort of Goon-type way of doing things – glad you appreciated it.

We’ve had a quite a few more audience reviews (thank you everyone), and we’ll be posting more up over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, read about this event and grab some tickets – only 4 to go!

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