Goon Show quote from ‘Dishonoured’

Grytpype Thynne: Oh, Neddie.

Ned Seagoon: Curses, I’m spotted.

Grytpype Thynne: Why are you wearing that leopard-skin?

Ned Seagoon: So that’s why I’m spotted.

Grytpype Thynne: Tell me, where are you taking that gold?

Ned Seagoon: I had to think of a good excuse.

Grytpype Thynne: You’re stealing it, aren’t you, Neddie?

Ned Seagoon: Blast! Why didn’t I think of that?

Grytpype Thynne: We’ll have to give you a week’s notice.

Ned Seagoon: Why? What have I done?

Grytpype Thynne: Nothing, but we’re having to cut down on staff. You see, there’s been a robbery. Um, would you get that van started while I get my hat and coat?

Ned Seagoon: You coming too?

Grytpype Thynne: There’s no point in staying. There’s more money in the van than there is in the bank.

Ned Seagoon: Very well, we’ll be partners.

Grytpype Thynne: Shake.

Ned Seagoon: I give you my hand.

Grytpype Thynne: I gave him my foot, it was a fair swap.


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