More warm and fuzzies from our audiences!

Simon Lenthen is Harry Secombe
Simon Lenthen is Harry Secombe

The Goon Show LIVE! gang just can’t get enough admiration from audiences who flock to our shows.

Our most recent one at Woy Woy went off!… and here are some more reviews which have been sent in by our adoring fans;

Sari wrote, “…the performers succeeded in “taking” the audience into the classic, crazy show.”

We’re quite chuffed about Janet and John’s note; “Travelled over 100 kilometres to once again see a very talented team of actors who brought laughter and enjoyment.” – Gosh, we’re very pleased to have seen you again at our shows – and thank you!

Then there’s this from Robert; “I haven’t laughed like that for years. I had tears in my eyes, especially the banter between Minnie and Henry”

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