It was CraZy night, when we all Gooned around

Last night, Saturday 13th July, was an incredible night…

Presented at the historic Paragon in Katoomba, the Goon Show LIVE! played to a packed house… and the audience LOVED it.

Not only was the applause warm, and the laughter continuous right throughout the show, it seemed that most of the audience were die-hard Goon Show fans indeed; they joined in! They were finishing lines off, laughing before punch-lines had been delivered and generally being very involved in the show.

Afterwards, the vast majority of the audience stayed around and chatted with the cast for about an hour after the show was over and it was agreed by all that it been a thoroughly enjoyable night.

There were a lot of comments about the authenticity of the character voices, delightfully reproduced by Rob Queree, Simon Lenthen and John  Stretton. For the second time during this season, we had people telling us that when they closed their eyes, they were transported back in time, listening to the original Goons Show on the radio.

Next Saturday 20th July is sold out… and after that there are only 2 shows to go; Saturdays 27th July and 3rd August. Both these nights are selling well, so if you’re tempted, it may be advisable to book now.

Details of the show are on the official The Goon Show LIVE! website;

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