yep, the nerdy speccy one in the middle is me, in the late 1980s

It sure is a busy busy year….

Goodness, is it mid-August already? This year has flown… mind you, time does speed up the older you grow. Ah, all fun isn’t it.

This year’s year’s become quite a big one indeed.

  • June and July was the annual The Goon Show LIVE! This year saw us playing in a new and larger venue… and boy did that go OFF! On top of that, 3 new cast members were broken in, and the audience response was wonderfully warm and encouraging.
  • In July, I also produced The Marvellous Sock Machine, a kids show. Audience feedback was wonderful.. with one Dad saying that it was “…better than that Wiggles show.” Pretty cool.
  • I have added to my slate another show, one that I saw several years ago and have always wanted to revive. It stars Chrissie Shaw… and the show is Bijou, a cabaret of Secrets and Seduction.
  • I have thrown myself out of my comfort zone, and am producing a radio series / podcast. Titled ‘Laura Falls‘, it is a Noir-style drama, featuring a blind detective. Things are a little behind schedule, but it is moving along. I am just about to finalise the title composer for the show.
  • Plans are underway for a possible Flamenco Festival in December… assuming all the bits fall into place, tickets should be available in September.
  • …and, because I have nothing to do with my life, I am on the verge of setting up a new performance venue. The plans are to turn it into a venue which is affordable to independent producers / artistes, and position it as another link in the touring circuit. More on this next month if all goes well.

Of course, in amongst all this, I am still Murdering, which is a scream… a lot of fun.

I think that’s all for now. This work is a labour of love, and if you can help by coming along to a show or two, I’d really appreciate it.

Ah yes, if you were wondering, about the  black and white photo… the nerdy bespectacled boy in the middle, is indeed yours truly in 1988 / 89. Was I really that young?

Kindest regards,


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