Goon Show quote from ‘The Macreekie Rising of ’74’

Ned Seagoon: Poor William! He’s been hit by a great steaming spludge! What is it?

William (Mate) Cobblers: ‘Ere! Taste it!

Ned Seagoon: Good heavens! Issue umbrellas! The Scots are firing porridge!

Bloodnok: Porridge at tea-time? The devils! They’re trying to unbalance our diets!

Ned Seagoon: Gad, you’re right. Not a word to the men.

Bloodnok: Of course.

Ned Seagoon: Very well then. If the Scots want to make it a war of nutrition, we have an English dish in our armoury twice as deficient in calories as porridge… and twice as deadly.

Bloodnok: Seagoon! You’re not going to fire-

Ned Seagoon: Yes! Brown Windsor soup!


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