Goon Show quote from ‘Foiled By President Fred’

Eccles: Are you Neddie Seagoon?

Ned Seagoon: I am.

Eccles: Oh, good. You been waiting long?

Ned Seagoon: Yes.

Eccles: Who for?

Ned Seagoon: You, you idiot!

Eccles: Oh! Fine.

Ned Seagoon: Now, how do I get through the firing line to President Fred’s headquarters?

Eccles: How do you get there? You go straight up that road there.

Ned Seagoon: But they’re shooting down it!

Eccles: Oh! Don’t go that way! You take this road here. They’re not shooting up that one.

Ned Seagoon: That road doesn’t lead to it!

Eccles: Oh! Don’t take that one!


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