Goon Show LIVE! opening was a hoot!!

The Goon Show LIVE! dinner and show for Yulefest Blue Mountains 2013Last night, Saturday 29th June, was the opening night for The Goon Show LIVE! 

The dining room at the Paragon (or should we be calling it the ParaGOON?) was filled with an eager audience ready for silly word-play and other antics… and disappointed they were not.

Warmed by their very special Smoking Bishop, which they were served on arrival, the audience were treated to three original episodes for the BBC series; The International Christmas Pudding (a savage portion of the Pudding is loose and must be apprehended!), The Raid of the International Christmas Pudding… and the classic, A Chistmas Carol, a reasonably twisted and contorted re-hash of Dickens’ masterpiece.

These three stories from the mind and possibly other parts of Spike Milligan’s body, were interweaved amongst  5-courses of a sumptuous  Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings.

The comments after the show from the audience were wonderful to hear… one gentleman who hailed from Newcastle (NSW, Aust.) told us that he clearly remembers all three of the episodes featured in our show, and hearing them again brought back for him many happy memories.

Tickets are still available throughout the season, which runs to August 3rd. Strangely enough, it’s our final night of Saturday 3rd August which is lacking in ticket sales with only 9 booked as this is being written. All the other nights are well booked, but we can still squeeze you in; you will have to be quick though.

For information and bookings, visit the event website

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