First read – wow!

Today was the day of  the first read-through of Anika Herbert’s comedic short play, ‘A Toothbrush Tale (We’ll  Always Have Peach Tile)’.

It was the first time that the two wonderful actors, Claire Fearon and Josh Crouthamel, met each other – and it is obvious from the start that they make a wonderfully perfect couple of toothbrushes!

Director, Bryan, was thrilled. Although solid in his belief the actors were ideal, it was a great relief to see them both working together so well. The chemistry – amazing.

With rehearsals now scheduled, this wonderful short play is now under-way!

Make sure that you book your tickets for Short and Sweet – this play, is being performed from Wednesday 27th through to Sunday 31st January, at the Newtown Theatre. Don’t miss out!

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