Father’s Day list


Father’s Day is just around the corner, on Sunday September 1st. Take a walk into retail land, there you’ll find all sorts of gift suggestions for your Old Man. (If you’re the Old Man in question, tell your kids to read this – and exert a bit of pressure.)

Gift List

If you believe the retailers, Dads everywhere are waiting impatiently for liquorice, chocolate and some nice new underwear.Here’s something to think about;

  • Chocolates & liquorice are without a doubt yummy, and a terrific way for Father Dear to get his sugar hit. Mind you, Daddy’s enjoyment will be short-lived. Depending on how much you gave him (and didn’t eat yourself), he’ll probably finish them within a day or two… and once he’s come down from that sugar-high, it’s all over, a distant memory.
  • Undies,socks and a bad tie are an easy alternative for Pop. Of course, he’ll chuckle away at the silly cartoon printed on that tie, or on the front of those trunks, and pull the socks on in the morning; but really, they aren’t all that exciting are they? These delightful garbs will soon become everyday items and the Old Fart will eventually wear them out. At best his socks will last 6 months or so, and that underwear ain’t going to hold out forever.
  • Tickets to The Goon Show LIVE! We all know that Father has a seemingly unlimited collection of really bad ‘Dad Jokes’… and while we roll our eyes at his droll utterances, they are kind of funny (aren’t they?). Why not give Pa something he’ll remember forever… a terrific show featuring some of the best British comedy ever.



The Goon Show LIVE! – 2 shows only on Father’s Day weekend;
  1. Saturday 31st August – dinner and show
  2. Sunday 1st September – Father’s Day lunch and show
Treat your Dad to something special. After he’s laughed himself silly at this terrific show full of all the best gags, great one-liners and sound effects galore… you’ll get away with almost anything for years to come.These great dinner / lunch and entertainment packages are presented at the Blue Mountains’ historic Paragon in Katoomba – a short drive west of Sydney; it’s the perfect venue for this show.

  • What? The Goon Show LIVE!
  • When? Sat 31st Aug & Sun 1st Sept. 2013
  • Where? The Paragon in Katoomba, Blue Mountains NSW (west of Sydney)
  • Time? Lunch is served 12.30pm & Dinner is served at 7pm.

Details of a great Father’s Day menu, the show, accommodation and bookings available on the website www.thegoonshowlive.com.au.


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