We feel that we have to share this wonderful review sent to us by Robin of Blacktown NSW, who attended our dinner and show last weekend on Saturday 11th July 2015.

Here’s his unedited review…

Robin Queree is Spike Milligan in The Goon Show LIVE!
Robin Queree is Spike Milligan in The Goon Show LIVE!

We thought the ‘recording studio’ setup worked really well, complete with the replica period microphones. The guys were all great, even Blind Freddy would have loved it, because the voices and interaction between the characters was so good that a visual connection wasn’t necessary.

The only thing, and I do mean only thing that took a bit of getting used to was the musical interludes. Fortunately, the gentleman does have plenty of musical merit, so the breaks weren’t hard to take.

Robin Queree’s rendition of Spike was the standout for us, no mean feat to imitate such a unique comic genius, and to do it with such apparent ease.

Well done everyone, and yes, we’d see it again, especially if they were doing different episodes.

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