The Marvellous Sock Machine

about the show...

Spud and Gromit go on an adventure to Sockland, to find all the lost socks.

They make friends with the Sock Monster and build a shiny new machine that sorts socks!

This show was presented at the Pigeon Lane performance space at Gallery One88 in Katoomba. 

The show also toured to Camp Quality.

Written and directed by Pixie Willo, and produced in 2018 by Bryan.

The show is now one of several touring works of Bryan’s, for festivals, corporate gigs and other events. To discuss this show’s suitability for your festival, school show or other event, please contact Bryan.

cast and characters...

  • Lisa Hanssens: Spud
  • Robert Gray: Gromit
  • Pixie Willo: Sock Monster

production team...

  • Pixi Willo: Writer & Director
  • Bryan Cutts: Producer

Bryan's other shows...

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