3 Blind Mice posing


about the show...

3 Blind Mice in the MouseterChef kitchen… what could possibly happen?

This very cute story featuring those three visually-challenged rodents, was conceived by Bryan with Simon Lenthen, who then wrote this wonderful story.

Betsy Farmerswife is a contestant in the MOUSEterChef kitchen, competing for the title with Abby, Benji & Charlie – the 3 Blind (and very argumentative) Mice.

After an unfortunate accident involving tails and a kitchen knife, the Mouses embark on a quest. They meet some interesting characters along the way, including Mary Littlelamb, a crooked little man named Connor Connery, and the Baker Mann.

With plenty of songs and music, audience participation, silly noises and even more silly action, this is a perfect show for ages 2-8 years.

Adults love the show too, with nursery rhymes from you own childhood woven through the story.

The show was performed during the 2017 January school holidays at Katoomba’s famous Gingerbread House.

cast and characters...

  • Carolyn Eccles: Abby (Mouse 1)
  • Jill Day: Charlie (Mouse 2) 
  • Ben Roorda: Benji (Mouse 3) / Connor Connery Baker Mann (the crooked little man)
  • Robin Martin: Mary Littlelamb
  • Trish Donoghue: Mrs. Farmerswife

production team...

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