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Just Once

about the show...

Bryan produced and directed ‘Just Once’, a one act play by Alex Broun and Charlotte Rochesson, in March and April 2004 – the Year of the Family.

‘Just Once’ (which won the Sydney Theatre Company’s Youth Commission Award), is a play that underlines drugs are not the answer. It’s an extremely powerful play and one that’s also quite frightening.

Set on the streets of Sydney’s Kings Cross, the play follows the lives of Rino, a 13 year old boy; Fletcher and his girlfriend George; and the local dealer, Astradyne.

cast and characters...

  • Anita Varga: Busker
  • Maree Meaker: Astradyne
  • Yvette Tattum: George
  • Prataal Raj: Fletcher
  • Davin Griffiths-Jones: Rino
  • Maxine Smith: Constable Woods
  • Sam Couzens: Youth
  • Bryan Cutts: Man

production team...

  • Producer / Director: Bryan Cutts
  • Director’s Assistant: Carole Kelly
  • Lighting Design: Tim Cramsie
  • Make up: Toni Wythes
  • Publicity: Publicity Australia
  • Busker’s Songs: Anita Varga
  • Printing: Beaver Press

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