Bryan scrubbed up corporate style

Role Player

Bryan has worked over the last 15 years as a role-play actor for many types of learning and development programmes.

Over this time Bryan has provided role-play services to a wide range of organisations, including multi-national corporates, local medium enterprises, not-for-profit volunteer entities and various training institutions.

Bryan is skilled in the development of training programmes and can assist in creating scenarios which are aligned to your desired learning outcomes.

Also, if Bryan’s profile isn’t what you require (perhaps you need a female, or someone younger / older etc.) he is able to draw from an extensive network of professionals which he has built over the years.

Whatever and whoever you want, there is a professional actor / improviser who can deliver all types of characters including;

  • difficult customers
  • managers
  • customer service reps
  • sales executives
  • job applicants
  • …and whoever else your imagination can dream up!

In the end, Bryan can help you deliver a realistic – and ultimately useful and valuable experience.

Contact him to discuss your needs without obligation.

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