Special Event: ‘Food is Love’ and ‘After the Storm’

portrait of Shane Porteous

Sunday 23rd June is our 3rd event, featuring Australian television star Shane Porteous, as part of fund-raising for the ‘Black, no sugar’ project. This time, in Bathurst at the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre.

Special event: “Hello, I’m John, and I’m an alcoholic werewolf”

a werewolf, John, with a glass of beer

What? Performance and a glass or two of Bubbles

When? Sunday 30th June 2024 at 4pm

Where? Little Lost Bookshop Katoomba

Why? Raising funds for the ‘Black no sugar’ project


John Tomkins joins ‘Black, no sugar’

John Tomkins, audio engineer

Black, no sugar is beginning to take shape, as we rush towards our funding campaign launch on 17th May. Importantly, we’ve secured the services of John Tomkins as our audio engineer.

Menu for ‘Mrs. Hawke Goes West’

graphic promo tile for Mrs. Hawke Goes West, featuring an unfinished canvas on an easle, of a woman, with bright red splatters on it

A sumptuous menu has been announced for the dinner and show at Keystone 1889 on Sat 30th September 2023…

Mrs. Hawke Goes West

graphic promo tile for Mrs. Hawke Goes West, featuring an unfinished canvas on an easle, of a woman, with bright red splatters on it

Mrs. Hawke Goes West, a radio play by AWGIE nominee Phil Sanders, will be staged live at the Victorian era theatre and entertainment venue Keystone 1889 for one show only on Saturday 30th September 2023.

Juggling Socks?

Juggling socks is one of the things that Spud and Gromit do in Sockland. Join them at our School Holiday show in the Blue Mountains, and go on an adventure in Sockland. Read more about the show, see video reviews from our audiences or book tickets now.

Socks are popular

It was a lovely show this morning, and we received some lovely feedback. Be sure to book your tickets and join us in Sockland. Read more about the show here.

Brag Brag Brag

Not that we’re into blowing our trumpet… well not too hard… but the opening night of The Goon Show LIVE! on Saturday 23rd June is SOLD OUT! There are still good tickets available for the rest of our dinner and show dates, so if you’re hoping to experience the Best British Belly Laugh Down Under, […]

Spike Milligan’s 100th birthday

Spike Milligan

Spike Milligan, the primary writer of the BBC comedy The Goon Show – in which  he also performed, – was born this day, 16th April, 100 years ago in 1918. For those of you who have a special love of British comedy, Spike was one of the geniuses who effectively wrote the rule-book for western […]

June and July 2018 dinner & show tickets on sale

2018 will be The Goon Show LIVE!’s 6th consecutive appearance as part of the Blue Mountains Yulefest season… and this one’s going to be CraZy! Due to the demand for this show and the numbers of returning audiences, we’ve moved to a larger venue; the absolutely stunning Grand Ballroom at the Palais Royale in Katoomba. […]