Mystery Parties for Kids too

Bryan's the Host with the Most

Bryan’s decided that he’s not busy enough… so he’s added another string to his bow…. Mystery Parties for Kids! As his alter-ego, the Murder Master®, Bryan’s been hosting Murder Mystery parties for many years, all over Australia. In that time, he’s hosted a few family events as well as the occasional teenage party. Clearly there’s […]

New project: Anastasia

vampire with blood on lip

A new project; this time, a story about a Vampire.

Wind in the Willows excerpt

Bryan is reading a story

Voice Over demo: The Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame; an excerpt from
Chapter I, The River Bank

Film-makers, tell me…

silhouette of a retro film camera

I’ve decided to do some research. To that end I’ve written a very short survey which asks some questions about people’s motivations when entering film festivals.

Can you help?

Are you Spooky?

Lithgow Halloween 2018 is in planning. I have been asked to supply two elements for the proceedings… a zombie chain-gang for the street, and a series of childrens’ games for the Kreepy Kids Korner, which will need hosts to run things smoothly and encourage kids to join in. Are you a street / character performer, […]

It sure is a busy busy year….

yep, the nerdy speccy one in the middle is me, in the late 1980s

Goodness, is it mid-August already? This year has flown… mind you, time does speed up the older you grow. Ah, all fun isn’t it. This year’s year’s become quite a big one indeed. June and July was the annual The Goon Show LIVE! This year saw us playing in a new and larger venue… and boy […]

Juggling Socks?

Spud and Gromit juggling socks

Juggling socks is one of the things that Spud and Gromit do in Sockland. Join them at our School Holiday show in the Blue Mountains, and go on an adventure in Sockland. Read more about the show, see video reviews from our audiences or book tickets now.

Socks are popular

It was a lovely show this morning, and we received some lovely feedback. Be sure to book your tickets and join us in Sockland. Read more about the show here.

Puppet-Maker Wanted

I have a children’s show later in the year, which calls for a life-sized puppet, which needs to be built. Are you a puppet-maker – or do you know someone who is? The details are on my Auditions and Call-Outs page. I hope to hear from you soon.

Brag Brag Brag

Not that we’re into blowing our trumpet… well not too hard… but the opening night of The Goon Show LIVE! on Saturday 23rd June is SOLD OUT! There are still good tickets available for the rest of our dinner and show dates, so if you’re hoping to experience the Best British Belly Laugh Down Under, […]