New project; Voices wanted

Black, no sugar hero

Bryan’s new project needs Voice actors…

New project: Anastasia

Anastasia the Vegetarian Vampire hero image V1

A new project; this time, a story about a Vampire.

Film-makers, tell me…

silhouette of a retro film camera

I’ve decided to do some research. To that end I’ve written a very short survey which asks some questions about people’s motivations when entering film festivals.

Can you help?

Puppet-Maker Wanted

I have a children’s show later in the year, which calls for a life-sized puppet, which needs to be built. Are you a puppet-maker – or do you know someone who is? The details are on my Auditions and Call-Outs page. I hope to hear from you soon.

Puppeteer wanted

I am producing a show for children which will feature a life-size dog-puppet. If you have the skills and interest, please visit my auditions and call-outs page for details.

Are you a Sound Nerd?


Sound Nerd needed to create wonderfully CraZy SFX… is this you? Visit the Auditions and Call-Outs Page for information.

Are you a Sock Buddy?

coloured socks hanging on a line

Bryan is producing an April School Holiday show for children aged 2-6 years of age. It’s a terrific show about Socks, a Sock Machine and a Sock Monster! Two talented physical performers are required for this show. For information and to apply, visit the Auditions page.

Are you the next Bluebottle or Henry Crun?

The Goon Show LIVE!, which has been running since 2013, needs a new Peter Sellers! Are you the one who can recreate those wonderful characters for the original cult comedy? If you are an adept Bluebottle, Hercules Grytpype-Thynne, Henry Crun and Major Dennis Bloodnok, and want to be part of a great show with a terrific cast, […]

Last call for VO Artistes and Title Theme Composer

Laura Falls title tile

Thank you to all those people who have made submissions to join the Laura Falls project. Thus far, I have received in excess of 200 voice over applications, and almost 30 submissions from composers. Please note that the deadline for submissions is tomorrow, Sunday 26th November. To read about characters and submission requirements, please visit […]

Audition Notice; episodic audio project – Voice Talent wanted

old style radio microphone

Laura Falls – an episodic detective story in the noir style, for radio  Laura Falls has been murdered and her sister Wendy is missing.    William Borough is asked to investigate Laura’s unsolved case files to determine if the clients in those cases may be possible suspects in her disappearance.    Each episode is devoted to a case file.  Using flashbacks, we hear the interactions between […]