only 3 shows left and audience reviews

Golly, the 3 Blind Mice have been having sooo much fun these school holidays, that they’ve just now realised that there are only three (yes, 3) more MOUSEterChef shows left! Here’s our little YouTube video of audience reviews… Click here for info and bookings.

MOUSES are popular creatures

Our Mouses are popular little creatures… Your children would LOVE to meet our adorable visually-challenged rodents. MOUSEterChef; tails of 3 Blind Mice at The Gingerbread House Katoomba ; shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, starts 10am and runs for approximately 1 hour. more information | Book Now #visitbluemountains #lovebluemountains #schoolholidays

the Crooked Man Walk

via GIPHY There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile, He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile; He bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse, And they all lived together in a little crooked house. Can you do the Crooked Man Walk? Come and meet him at MOUSEterChef; […]

What IS Bakers Mann doing to Mrs. Farmerswife?

In the MOUSEterChef show, we see the Bakers Mann doing something very odd to Mrs. Farmerswife. via GIPHY We’re not exactly sure, but it does look like Bakers Mann (the host of the MOUSEterChef competition) is enjoying this a lot more than his star contestant. To find out what’s going on, bring the kids to […]

3 Blind Mice in the MOUSEterChef Kitchen

The Three Blind Mice; Abby Mouse, Benji Mouse & Charlie Mouse, are all at the MOUSEterChef Kitchen this morning. This school holiday show is in the courtyard at the The Gingerbread House Katoomba, starting 10am. With lots of nursery rhymes, silliness, songs, audience participation & more silliness, this is a perfect way to start your family’s […]

Audience Reviews for MOUSEterChef

Gosh, there are three VERY pleased Mice after their opening show today (Friday 13th January 2017). It was a crowded courtyard at the GingerBread House Katoomba, as the audience flocked in to see this re-telling of the classic nursery rhyme 3 Blind Mice. …and after the show – what wonderful audience responses. Here’s a short YouTube […]

MOUSEterChef kitchens need equipment

Of course, MOUSEterChef kitchens need equipment Thanks to MOUSE Props-Master, Dylan Nicholson The show opens tomorrow; Friday 13th January… terrific fun for the kids… and the adults too. Book Now #schoolholidays #visitbluemountains #lovebluemountains  

Polly Put the Kettle On

Polly put the Kettle on Polly put the Kettle on Polly put the Kettle on We’ll all have Tea You can have tea, or coffee, or something yummy at The Gingerbread House Katoomba, before, during and after the MOUSEterChef show tomorrow, Saturday or Sunday. Show starts at 10am – Bookings 02 4782 5968 or online

What did Benji Mouse say..?

Here are our 3 Blind Mice, from left to right; Abby Mouse (played by actor Jill Day), Charlie Mouse (Carolyn Eccles) and Benji Mouse (Ben Roorda). We’re not sure what it was that Benji said to the two girls during rehearsal, but judging by his and Charlie’s faces… it looks like it was a bit […]

One More Sleep

There’s only one more sleep for Bluebottle (a.k.a. John Stretton) until his appearance in tomorrow night’s show at Hotel Blue, and he’s soo excited! Book Now