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Call-out: composer / song-writer / musician

On the hunt for a composer / song-writer / musician.

The Project

Black, no sugar is a series of dark & craftily written short stories by Carole Kelly.

Volume One is a series of 6 titles.

Each story will be individually published in text, and released as podcasts. All the works will then be combined as an anthology, and as an audiobook.

Bryan is publishing, directing, producing and distributing the works.

The project website is

The Talent

This project needs a title-track.

It might be a song, it might be purely instrumental. Whatever the final form, it will act as the signature for the entire project; each story, podcast, the audiobook… every aspect.

In our mind’s eye (or is that our mind’s ear?), we’d love a piece that emulates the work of the great Leonard Cohen.

These stories are all dark themed, and we feel that something that emulates Cohen’s work will be the perfect fit.

Details  and how to submit your expression of interest, are on the auditions page here.

Some of the tracks which particularly appeal are below. Please note the links here are to the respective tracks on the Spotify streaming platform.

If you are interested in submitting an expression of interest, please contact Bryan here. Of course, if you know of anyone who might be interested, please share this post with them.

the Australian Cultural Fund logo and URLBlack no sugar is supported by the Australian Cultural Fund, through their Boost initiative.

The ACF describes the Boost programme on their website as follows:

ACF Boost is a matched funding program for independent artists and small arts organisations using the ACF. Participants in the program leverage private sector support raised through their ACF campaign with a small, matched funding ‘boost’ from Creative Australia.

ACF Boost consists of matched micro-grants from $2,000 to $5,000 that are granted to artists and organisations using the ACF platform, with projects running across a specific timeframe. Successful applicants are granted an additional $1,000 at the commencement of their ACF Boost campaign to fund the development of fundraising activity and materials and support its success.


This means that for every dollar in donations to the project, the ACF will match it. Our talent will be paid appropriately. Recompense will be discussed with the successful artist.

If you can contribute as little as $1, we appreciate it immensely… thank you.

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