Bryan’s first written work!

Short & Sweet Sydney says ‘OK then…’

Click for detailsAfter procrastinating about it for about 10 years at least, Bryan has finally laid down some of his weird ideas onto paper, in the form of his first play as a writer. The short work, which is without dialogue, is a dark one-hander featuring a clown, a wheelchair and a ‘phone.

Titled ‘Clown’ (original, don’t you think?), the play will premiere at the King Street Theatre in Newtown, Sydney, as part of the Wildcards season of the annual Short & Sweet Festival (the biggest little play festival in the world!) in January 2013.

Unsure of how he’d deal with someone else staging his work, Bryan has opted to act in it himself this time around. His hope is that “’s reasonably well received, so that I can feel comfortable passing it onto anyone else who would like to put it on; perhaps another S&S festival somewhere else in the world, who knows.)

The January 2013 dates have been confirmed; Saturday 19th to Monday 21st inclusive. For details and bookings, visit the Short & Sweet website;

Wanted… wheels!

Do you happen to have a wheelchair lying around taking up space? Perhaps you know of a wheelchair which is made to star on stage!

If so, would you be able to pass it onto Bryan for the Short and Sweet festival in January?

On offer is eternal gratitude…

If you can help, drop Bryan a line, using the form on the right of this page.

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