Bryan in ‘top 100’ director list

It’s full steam ahead for the team who run the global series of Short and Sweet festivals – with the countdown now under-way for for 10th anniversary series in Sydney.

Bryan has again been selected to join the list ‘top 100 directors’, after his S&S debut in the 2010 season in Sydney, when he directed Anika Herbert’s cute comedy ‘A Toothbrush Tale (We’ll Always Have Peach Tiles)’, featuring the wonderfully talented actors, Claire Fearon and Josh Crouthamel.

This largest ten minute play festival in the world is a huge project, and the action is beginning to hot up; today all top 100 directors were sent the final scripts from which selections will be made for the January 2011 Sydney shows.

Bryan is now working through those scripts along with his fellow director compatriots, with decisions to be made shortly.

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