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Auditions & Call-outs

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Below are some projects for which I am looking for people to join. Scroll through, and if something appeals to you, make contact and let’s talk….

‘Black, no sugar’

an audio series – voice actors / narrators wanted

Pre-production is in swing for a new audio-series of short stories. They’re all black and twisted, and compelling.

Please note that some subject matter may be confronting and disturbing; please do not audition if you are uncomfortable with material which may offend or that features socially taboo subjects.

On the audition form on the contact page, you will be required to enter the following:

  • your name and contact details
  • the role(s) for which you are applying
  • a short bio / introduction, no more than 50 words
  • optional: website and social media links
  • a link to your reading(s) of the excerpt supplied for each role
  • a link to a contrasting audition piece up to one minute in length (this can be an alternative reading of the supplied excerpt, or your own chosen piece)
  • a link to your VO reel 


This is the series website (please note that it is not yet complete).

The roles
(all require excellent Australian English language ability)

    • Story title: ‘Mirror Me’
      male; narrator style, all ages and ethnicities considered
    • Story title: ‘Food is Love’
      androgynous voice; prefer 30s age bracket, however all ages and ethnicities considered
    • Story title: ‘Bride’
      young, girlish, breathless, naive female, all ethnicities considered


Narrators will be credited on the Black, no sugar website, along with a bio and links to their preferred online profile.

To audition, please use this form.


Are you a Film-maker?

silhouette of a retro film camera

I am in the process of establishing a new film festival. As part of that process, I am asking film-makers for their thoughts about entering festivals.

If you’d like to help, click this link to the survey.

Another ‘Live’ Radio Theatre – closed

I have secured the exclusive performance rights to an Australian radio comedy  series, which I will be staging in a similar way to what I have been doing with The Goon Show LIVE!, which was staged regularly 2013-2019.

There are four main characters, who are present in most episodes, and several guest appearances. While most characters are male, some wonderful female characters make guest appearances too.

Auditions are yet to be called; if you want to receive notification of the call-out for applications, it is recommended that you subscribe to my Actors’ newsletter.

Call out for Title Theme Composer – closed

Laura Falls title tile

I am looking for a Title Theme Composer to attach to the audio project ‘Laura Falls’ – an episodic detective story in the noir style.

Call-out for Voice Talent – closed

The series is an episodic detective story in the noir style.

My first audio project in in pre-production, and I now need to attach voice talent to the project. This production is a joint venture with Sydney’s Radio 2RPH.

  • An initial five (5) episodes will be recorded, produced and aired on Radio 2RPH 
  • It is intended to air the series in NSW and Nationally. 
  • The episodes will be made available digitally as podcasts 
  • It is anticipated that this will be an on-going series 

There are 3 main characters to be cast. ;

Laura Falls  (female)

  • A private eye.   
  • She is rude, abrasive, blunt, honest and does not suffer fools.   

Wendy Falls  (female)

  • She is shy and quiet and puts up with her sister’s peculiarities.  
  • She is observant.   

William Borough (male)

  • A junior detective charged with investigating Laura’s dissatisfied clients to identify possible suspects in Laura’s murder.   
  • He is attentive and compassionate.   
  • He is very smart. 

Note; all accents and vocal types will be considered.