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Audition Notice; episodic audio project – Voice Talent wanted

Laura Falls – an episodic detective story in the noir style, for radio 

Laura Falls has been murdered and her sister Wendy is missing.   

William Borough is asked to investigate Laura’s unsolved case files to determine if the clients in those cases may be possible suspects in her disappearance.   

Each episode is devoted to a case file. 

Using flashbacks, we hear the interactions between Laura, Wendy and the client, as well as any relevant details.  

Towards the end of the episode William asks why the case was unsolved.  And in a final flashback we learn of the status of the case and why Laura abandoned it or why the client terminated the job. 

Conclusion – William determines if the client is a suspect or not. 


Note; all accents and vocal types will be considered. 

Laura Falls  

  • A private eye.   
  • She is rude, abrasive, blunt, honest and does not suffer fools.   
  • She has a heightened sense of smell and hearing to compensate for her blindness.  
  • She is reasonably good at her job.   
  • Sometimes she will not complete a case because she offends her client; other times, she will not complete a case because she thinks her client is an idiot. 

NOTE; This character is blind. While it is not essential, preference will be given to blind or low vision voice talent. 

Wendy Falls  

  • Laura’s sister.   
  • She is used by Laura as an assistant.  
  • She is shy and quiet and puts up with her sister’s peculiarities.  
  • She is observant.   
  • She tries to act as a buffer between the client and Laura but is often submissive to Laura’s requests and therefore cannot act as a good buffer. 

William Borough 

  • A junior detective charged with investigating Laura’s dissatisfied clients to identify possible suspects in Laura’s murder.   
  • He is attentive and compassionate.   
  • He is very smart. 

Other cast to be determined. 


The Project  

This is a joint audio project of Radio 2RPH and Bryan Cutts, who is the director and executive producer. 

  • An initial five (5) episodes will be recorded, produced and aired on Radio 2RPH 
  • It is intended to air the series in NSW and Nationally. 
  • The episodes will be made available digitally as podcasts 
  • It is anticipated that this will be an on-going series 


old style radio microphoneAuditions 

  1. Closing date for auditions is 26th November 2017 
  2. You are required to self-record the relevant character monologue which can be found via this linkplease submit audio files only; video etc., will not be accepted 
  3. Please name your file in the following format; CharacterName_YourFirstName_YourLastName (eg: Laura_Jane_Smith) 
  4. If you are auditioning for more than one character, please create a separate audio file for each character 
  5. Please record and upload to the cloud. This can be done via Drop Box, OneDrive, Google Drive or on You Tube or Vimeo etc. etc.  
  6. Send an email with the subject Laura Falls audition to talk2me@bryan.com.au, with the following items: 
    • your name, phone and email details 
    • the link to your self-recorded audition (please ensure that you provide any relevant passwords / access details) 
    • your headshot and bio / CV attached 
  7. Applications from any location will be considered; however, rehearsal and recording will be held in Sydney. If you are offered a role, you will be required to attend rehearsal and recording session(s) in Sydney. Travel and accommodation expenses will not be paid over and above ‘performance’ fees.

In addition to casting of Voice Artistes for the characters detailed on the first page, other required personnel include: 

  • Technical Producer 
  • Script Consultant / co-writer (with a specific focus on advice relating to low vision listener access / suitability of the work itself, as well as the crafting of the plot and activities of the low vision / blind characters) 
  • Title Theme Composer 

Budget & Funding 

At the time of writing, a budget has not been finalised, however a preliminary forecast indicates a $20,000 budget will suffice for the completion of the project with high production values. 

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