Are you a character-voice artise?

the Goon Show graphic tileThe Goon Show live on stage… this is THE gig!

Bryan has been hard at work planning for the staging of several of the famous The Goon Show radio scripts in mid-2013.

The venue is being finalised, the dates are almost set in cement… and that means that Bryan will be starting the audition process in the next month or two.

Wanted; Eccles, Bloodnock, Seagoon, Bluebottle and more…

These characters need no introduction to Goons fans all over the world. If you are an actor who can reproduce these famous voices, then Bryan will be very interested to call you in for an audition.

Auditions are due to be called soon, so if you, or anyone you know might be tempted, now is the time to begin planning.

While details are yet to be finalised, auditions will be by invitation only. To be included on the audition list, actors will be required to submit a recording of their best Goon Show character voices, so that Bryan can make selections for auditions.

Please, do not send your sound-clips yet… once Bryan has sorted out some details, then he’ll be ready to receive them. For now, start working on those clips, and be sure that you are subscribed to Bryan e-news. A call-out will be made within the next few weeks, through this e-newsletter, on Bryan’s website, via Theatre Junkies and other means.

In the meantime, best wishes for an awesome 2013.

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