Bryan's primary headshot


Early in his acting career, Bryan was regularly cast as the nerd and other similarly ‘odd’ roles – mostly in comedies. He also performed in a lot of shows for kids, which is always a lot of fun.

With maturity, Bryan’ live and screen work finds him sometimes being cast in ’straight’ roles, frequently as the dark character or villain; although it seems that his comedic roots continue to make themselves felt. More often than not he finds himself entertaining kids ( yes, he does have a  NSW Working with Children Check number) in a wide variety of childrens’ shows and as a storyteller.

Because Bryan originally trained in Classical Ballet, he is described by directors as being very comfortable on stage. Movement for him is easy and having complemented his original training with work in mime, clown, improvisation and slapstick, Bryan is a strong physical performer.

In later years, he’s been focussing on audio / voice-over work, particularly character voices and informational tracks.

Bryan’s acting experience can be found in his biog which is available on request; please contact him here.

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