Bryan as Monsieur Clown

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Bryan’s background

Bryan’s stage career started as a 5 year old… losing his ballet shoe and being blinded by the lights. He’s not looked back, and since his ballet days his work has included theatre, film, television and radio.

He resides in the stunning Blue Mountains, Australia’s inaugural ‘City of the Arts’, where most of his shows are produced.

Bryan’s main focus is running Entertaining Australia / Entertainment Blue Mountains, which he established in June 2010, along with providing printing services to the Australian performing arts sector via Fired Up of which he is a director.

He has trained under people such as Collette Rayment, Dean Carey, Adam Cook and Mark Gaal, through institutions such as the Royal Academy of Ballet, the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) and the Actors’ Centre.

His performance disciplines include acting for stage, film and television, directing for the stage, slapstick, mime and other physical performance styles, as well as comedy and theatre of cruelty.

With a wealth of experience spanning over 40 years, Bryan has appeared in numerous plays such as Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’,  Ravenhill’s ‘Mother Clap’s Molly House’, ‘Archangels Don’t Play Pinball’ by Dario Fo, and Pinter’s ‘The Collection’ amongst others.

With several film and television credits to his name, Bryan has appeared in the drama ‘Living with the Law’ and played in the title role in the short ‘Monsieur Clown’.

His live work extends into a lot of children’s entertainment, presenting a wide range of characters and odd-ball villains as well as a storyteller. (He does have a NSW current Working with Children check number.)

As a director and producer he has worked on the Australian premiere of ‘Beginner at Life‘ by Alana Ruben Free, Alan Mackay’s ‘The Boy on the Roof’ (another production of which he acted in early in his career), ‘Just Once‘ by Alex Broun, as well as Andrew Bergman’s comedy ‘Social Security‘. His first Yulefest Blue Mountains production ‘The 8: Reindeer Monologues’, written by Jeff Goode, was staged in July 21012. This was followed in 2013 by his first The Goon Show LIVE! which has since become his major project, returning each Yuelfest to the Blue Mountains as well as touring.

In addition to his portfolio of work, Bryan also conceived and co-developed the collection of short works ‘Birth Death and Everything Between’, which he staged at Sydney’s TAP Gallery in conjunction with a visual art exhibition. This collection of works featured writing by WH Auden, Kathy Lette, Helen Garner, Alexia Kelly, Brett Maverix, Vince Melton, Cass Cumerford and Tania Yuki.

Because he has absolutely nothing at all to do with his time, he also established and manages le Salon Grand, the most beautiful live entertainment venue in the Blue Mountains.

He also served for three years on the Blue Mountains City Council’s advisory committee which advises Council about the awarding of grants under the Blue Mountains City of the Arts Trust.

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