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Bryan’s production company, and a space for all creative minded people to stay in touch… www.merelyplayers.com.au

Another of Bryan’s creative ventures; Theatresports® Blue Mounrains… www.theatresportsimpro.com.au

Carole’s (Bryan’s partner in crime and love),  psychotherapy practice in the Blue Mountains and Parramatta… www.directionwithclarity.com

Alexia’s (Bryan’s step-daughter; terrific actor and producer) website… www.alexiakelly.com

One of the most pro-active independent film networking and production organisations in Australia… www.nafa.net.au

The exciting and one of the most renowned theatre festivals in the world, is Short and Sweet… www.shortandsweet.org. One of the prime forces behind this terrific initiative is Alex Broun, www.alexbroun.com.au.

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