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director & producer

Bryan’s first taste of producing was as a founding member of Bobbin Youth Theatre in late 1980’s, through which they adapted the traditional Chester Cycle plays for a production of “The Mysteries”, which was performed at the then brand new Parramatta Riverside Theatres as part of the 1988 Bi-Centennial festivities.

In the early 1990’s Bryan established Dress Circle Productions which in 2003 transformed into merelyplayers™, an online space for everyone who has an interest in the arts in Australia, as well as a production house. This then, in 2010, morphed into another venture , Theatresports® Blue Mountains which in 2012 evolved into Entertainment Blue Mountains.

As a director he is especially fascinated by the darker side of humanity,  with a focus on the motivations behind an individual’s actions. In all his productions, Bryan takes the greatest pleasure in provoking response from the audience.