Nuns are too hot at Short and Sweet

The final week of the Short and Sweet theatre festival, Sydney, is now well under way and if you are looking for a group naughty girls with bad habits… you’d better watch out for the play ‘Nuns Gone Wild!’ It’s a hoot!

Starring Annalouise Paul, Helen Perris and Brigid O’Sullivan, this delightful tale will tantalise, entertain and leave you wanting more.

Who really out there wouldn’t be fascinated by the image of 3 nuns ‘doing it’?

There’s more to this play than the obvious, and the talents of the hand-picked cast will take you on a wonderful journey – so get yourself to the NIDA Parade Theatre and prepare yourself for a terrific night.

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Nuns all set for Short and Sweet Sydney 2011

The final rehearsal for the play ‘Nuns Gone Wild!’ happened yesterday, Sunday 20th, in Katoomba… and what a cracker it promises to be!

Starring Annalouise Paul, Brigid O’Sullivan and Helen Perris, this delightful piece is the story of three nuns discussing their  impressions of sex – and learning more about each-other than than they bargained for!

Audiences will be treated to an hilarious mixture of slapstick humour and witty one-liners, topped by a story of touching intimacy.

Written by Singaporean Leon Foo and directed by Bryan Cutts, ‘Nuns Gone Wild!’ plays as part of the Short and Sweet festival, Sydney, Tues to Sat 22-26 Feb, at the Parade Theatre, NIDA in Sydney.

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Cast announcement for Short and Sweet Sydney 2011

Short and Sweet logoThe play ‘Nuns Gone Wild!’ has finally been cast with three extremely talented actors; Annalouise Paul, Brigid O’Sullivan and Helen Perris. All three ‘ladies’ have been treading the boards for many years in Australia and abroad.

Bryan Cutts, the director of Leon Foo’s funny play for the Short and Sweet Sydney 2011 festival of short plays, is thrilled to have been able to bring together such a strong cast.

Today, the cast and director met for the first time at Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, for their initial reading which was a wonderful  success. Bryan can already see how well this play will work – and with rehearsals proper due to commence within weeks, the telling of this delightful tale can only get better.

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Search for Nuns continues…

Bryan attended the Short and Sweet Sydney auditions at the Newtown Theatre last weekend, and is gearing up for s series of first auditions and call-backs on Saturday 13th November.

Some terrific talent was presented to Bryan and his fellow directors; Bryan is looking for three ‘gossipy’ nuns for a wonderful comedy he is presenting as part of the festival.

Casting is expected to be complete within 2 weeks. Stay tuned…


It’s all about Nuns

The Short and Sweet script-swatting has paid dividends… and Bryan is confirmed as the director of the delightfully funny play ‘Nuns Gone Wild!’, by writer Leon Foo.

Auditions for the Short and Sweet Sydney Festival commence Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th November in Newtown – and Bryan will be attending them with fellow S&S directors. Bryan is looking for 3 versatile actors who have great presence, comedic timing and slapstick / physical skills.

If you believe you are a nun in the making and are registered to audition with the festival; let Bryan know your specific interest in ‘Nuns Gone Wild!’ and he’ll make sure he pays special attention to your audition. Age is open at this stage.

More details to follow, so stay tuned.


Bryan in ‘top 100’ director list

It’s full steam ahead for the team who run the global series of Short and Sweet festivals – with the countdown now under-way for for 10th anniversary series in Sydney.

Bryan has again been selected to join the list ‘top 100 directors’, after his S&S debut in the 2010 season in Sydney, when he directed Anika Herbert’s cute comedy ‘A Toothbrush Tale (We’ll Always Have Peach Tiles)’, featuring the wonderfully talented actors, Claire Fearon and Josh Crouthamel.

This largest ten minute play festival in the world is a huge project, and the action is beginning to hot up; today all top 100 directors were sent the final scripts from which selections will be made for the January 2011 Sydney shows.

Bryan is now working through those scripts along with his fellow director compatriots, with decisions to be made shortly.

Read about Bryan’s S&S 2010 work here.

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