Are you Spooky?

Lithgow Halloween 2018 logoLithgow Halloween 2018 is in planning.

I have been asked to supply two elements for the proceedings… a zombie chain-gang for the street, and a series of childrens’ games for the Kreepy Kids Korner, which will need hosts to run things smoothly and encourage kids to join in.

Are you a street / character performer, or a wonderful childrens’ entertainer who could host a game? If so, this fun gig could be for you… read more and apply here.

I also need a makeup or body-paint artiste to give our zombies and other characters that authentic look. If this is for you, also check out this page.

late 1980s drama

It sure is a busy busy year….

Goodness, is it mid-August already? This year has flown… mind you, time does speed up the older you grow. Ah, all fun isn’t it.

This year’s year’s become quite a big one indeed.

  • June and July was the annual The Goon Show LIVE! This year saw us playing in a new and larger venue… and boy did that go OFF! On top of that, 3 new cast members were broken in, and the audience response was wonderfully warm and encouraging.
  • In July, I also produced The Marvellous Sock Machine, a kids show. Audience feedback was wonderful.. with one Dad saying that it was “…better than that Wiggles show.” Pretty cool.
  • I have added to my slate another show, one that I saw several years ago and have always wanted to revive. It stars Chrissie Shaw… and the show is Bijou, a cabaret of Secrets and Seduction.
  • I have thrown myself out of my comfort zone, and am producing a radio series / podcast. Titled ‘Laura Falls‘, it is a Noir-style drama, featuring a blind detective. Things are a little behind schedule, but it is moving along. I am just about to finalise the title composer for the show.
  • Plans are underway for a possible Flamenco Festival in December… assuming all the bits fall into place, tickets should be available in September.
  • …and, because I have nothing to do with my life, I am on the verge of setting up a new performance venue. The plans are to turn it into a venue which is affordable to independent producers / artistes, and position it as another link in the touring circuit. More on this next month if all goes well.

Of course, in amongst all this, I am still Murdering, which is a scream… a lot of fun.

I think that’s all for now. This work is a labour of love, and if you can help by coming along to a show or two, I’d really appreciate it.

Ah yes, if you were wondering, about the  black and white photo… the nerdy bespectacled boy in the middle, is indeed yours truly in 1988 / 89. Was I really that young?

Kindest regards,



Juggling Socks?

Juggling socks is one of the things that Spud and Gromit do in Sockland.

Join them at our School Holiday show in the Blue Mountains, and go on an adventure in Sockland.

Read more about the show, see video reviews from our audiences or book tickets now.


Socks are popular

It was a lovely show this morning, and we received some lovely feedback.

Be sure to book your tickets and join us in Sockland.

Read more about the show here.


Puppet-Maker Wanted

Image result for puppet dogI have a children’s show later in the year, which calls for a life-sized puppet, which needs to be built.

Are you a puppet-maker – or do you know someone who is?

The details are on my Auditions and Call-Outs page.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Brag Brag Brag

Not that we’re into blowing our trumpet… well not too hard… but the opening night of The Goon Show LIVE! on Saturday 23rd June is SOLD OUT! There are still good tickets available for the rest of our dinner and show dates, so if you’re hoping to experience the Best British Belly Laugh Down Under, you better get into gear… food, British Comedy, great times – perfect!

Book Now | Read More on the Official Website


Lots of Theatre, Music and other Entertainment

While you haven’t heard from me for a while, things have been very busy indeed, and now, through my company Entertainment Blue Mountains​, I am presenting a range of theatre, music and other entertainment to you over the next few months. Please share this with anyone who you know is craving live performance events; and of course, come along to one of the following shows…

Kicking off with our first ever music gig, we thrilled to present Steve Grieve and The Mourners​ at the Palais Royale Hotel​ this Thursday 7th June. If you’re a fan of Allman Brothers, Gov’t Mule, Stevie Ray Vaughan or the Badloves, this show is absolutely up your street. View more.

Simon Lenthen is Neddie SeagoonFrom 23rd June and into July, our 6th annual The Goon Show LIVE​! dinner and show, also at Katoomba’s Palais Royale, is selling well. In fact, Opening Night is now SOLD OUT… there are good tickets still available for the other dates, but don’t wait too long to grab them. There’s plenty of information on the official website This is the Best British Belly Laugh Down Under.

Sock Buddies doing wheelbarrows, no hands!

With the July school holidays fast approaching, we’re continuing our tradition of shows especially for the little ones aged 2-8. This time we’re presenting The Marvellous Sock Machine​ at the wonderful Pigeon Lane at ONE88​. It’s a story of sock buddies, Spud and Gromit, who are inundated with washing soooo many socks – and they’re always losing them! What are they to do? An interactive show for kids, The Marvellous Sock Machine is a delightful 50-minute show featuring songs, loads of fun and plenty of Silly Sock Sensations! It is an interactive theatrical experience for children aged 2 – 8. Read more..

Stepping out of Katoomba and rolling down the hill to Penrith, we’re again staging The Goon Show LIVE! at a special Fathers’ Day weekend at the Penrith Gaels Cultural and Sporting Association​, presenting another 3 original cult episodes; an evening show on Saturday 1st September, and an afternoon matinée on Fathers’ Day Sunday 2nd.

Chrissie Shaw as 'Madame Bijou’ former Queen of the Demi-MondeOctober is going to be very special indeed. We’re lucky enough to be hosting the talented Chrissie Shaw as she revisits her show Bijou – a cabaret of Secrets and Seduction​, accompanied on piano by Alan Hicks. Bijou is a cabaret, yet it is also a play in disguise. It tells the story of a woman whose life is defined by wars. Theatre goers and lovers of cabaret alike will love Bijou, as will aficionados of fine music who will be treated to Poulenc, Saint-Saens, Debussy, Erik Satie, Jean Lenoir, Friedrich Hollander, Kurt Weill, Emil Jacques-Dalcroze etc. Those familiar with, or indeed studying French language, culture and history, literature, music etc. will particularly enjoy Bijou. Details and bookings.

More theatre and other live performance events are on the way, which will be announced as dates and details are confirmed. In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye on events pages on the website here or on Facebook.

Spike Milligan

Spike Milligan’s 100th birthday

Spike Milligan, the primary writer of the BBC comedy The Goon Show – in which  he also performed, – was born this day, 16th April, 100 years ago in 1918.

For those of you who have a special love of British comedy, Spike was one of the geniuses who effectively wrote the rule-book for western comedy. Without him, Ponty Python, The Goodies, Are You Being Served, ‘Allo ‘ Allo,  Dad’s Army, Steptoe and Son and so many other classic comedies might have been quite different indeed. John Cleese is on record as saying that Monty Python might never even have existed if it wasn’t for The Goon Show.

Certainly without Spike’s Goons, my show The Goon Show LIVE! – an homage to the originals – would not have happened.

In 1994, spike was awarded a lifetime achievement comedy award… and his acceptance speech was oh so typical of this great man. See the video of that historical moment on the official Goon Show LIVE! web-site.

Thank you Spike.


June and July 2018 dinner & show tickets on sale

Robin (Spike Miligan) Queree's head on a dinner-plate, with pickled herring2018 will be The Goon Show LIVE!’s 6th consecutive appearance as part of the Blue Mountains Yulefest season… and this one’s going to be CraZy!

Due to the demand for this show and the numbers of returning audiences, we’ve moved to a larger venue; the absolutely stunning Grand Ballroom at the Palais Royale in Katoomba.

To get you in the mood and help with your plans, we are offering special Early-bird tickets for only $99 per person, including booking fees.

Please note that these Early-bird tickets are only available online.

Once these tickets run out, the full-price tickets will be available for $130 per person, with some great group booking offers.

So get your family and friends together, and get in touch with your inner-Goon.

Perhaps there’s a Goon-Type in your family who’d love these tickets as a Christmas present.. go on, spoil them.

Read about the show here; or go right ahead and book your tickets now.


A 70th Murder… umm Birthday

Last Saturday was  a deadly fun night at The George Boutique Hotel in Blackheath.

A Murder Mystery dinner with the Murder Master… just couldn’t get any better.

Visit the MurderMaster website to see more photos!