Auditions & Call-outs

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Below are some projects which are being cast / or will be casting soon…

Are you the next bluebottle or henry crun?

‘The Goon Show LIVE!’ is in need of a new ‘Peter Sellers’.

I have been very lucky to have in the cast, the extremely talented and all-round lovely guy, John Stretton – who has held the role of Peter Sellers (and played all his delightful Goon Show characters) since the very first The Goon Show LIVE! dinner and show in June 2013.

John is a voice-over artist, with his own business which in the last couple of years has been steadily growing. to the point where he is no longer able to dedicate the time to The Goon Show LIVE! He has been a terrific asset to the show, and audiences love him, so it is saddening to say goodbye to him, but the rest of the cast and I are thrilled for John with the success of his business.

There’s a video interview with John talking about his experience with the show, on this page of show’s the official website.

As one chapter ends, another begins; I am now looking for another talented man to join the cast and help take this show to the next level. We’ve already staged more than 50 shows and 2018 is the our 5th year!

The Goon Show LIVE! is the perfect comedy entertainment, with high energy and snappy one-liners that our audiences quote for days, weeks and months – many of them are real Goon-type NUTS! This show recreates, live on stage, the original broadcasts just as people remember them. The show is a trip down memory lane for many who come to our shows (returning again and again), and for others, it’s a discovery of the silly wonder of the Goons, who re-wrote the rule-book for British and Western Comedy

Peter Sellers voiced many characters in the original Goon Show, including Bluebottle, Hercules Grytpype-Thynne, Henry Crun and Major Dennis Bloodnok. Are you up to the challenge, can you bring these lovable and somewhat strange characters to life?

If you believe that you can step into those shoes, this is your chance to apply.

The auditions are split into two parts:

  1. online submission of self-recorded audio
  2. face-to-face auditions / interviews with shortlisted candidates

The first step requires you to record and submit an example of at least one – or all of Sellers’ character voices, namely; Bluebottle, Hercules Grytpype-Thynne, Henry Crun and Major Dennis Bloodnok. 

Submissions will be reviewed, and shortlisted candidates will be contacted at the end of January 2018.

When you are ready with your audio, click here to start your application.

Break a leg!

Call out for Title Theme Composer – closed

Laura Falls title tileI am looking for a Title Theme Composer to attach to the audio project ‘Laura Falls’ – an episodic detective story in the noir style.

Read the full details here.

Call-out for Voice Talent – closed

Laura Falls title tileMy first audio project in in pre-production, and I now need to attach voice talent to the project. This production is a joint venture with Sydney’s Radio 2RPH.

The series is an episodic detective story in the noir style.

  • An initial five (5) episodes will be recorded, produced and aired on Radio 2RPH 
  • It is intended to air the series in NSW and Nationally. 
  • The episodes will be made available digitally as podcasts 
  • It is anticipated that this will be an on-going series 

There are 3 main characters to be cast. ;

Laura Falls  (female)

  • A private eye.   
  • She is rude, abrasive, blunt, honest and does not suffer fools.   

Wendy Falls  (female)

  • She is shy and quiet and puts up with her sister’s peculiarities.  
  • She is observant.   

William Borough (male)

  • A junior detective charged with investigating Laura’s dissatisfied clients to identify possible suspects in Laura’s murder.   
  • He is attentive and compassionate.   
  • He is very smart. 

Full details of the project, audition requirements and character breakdowns are available here. The closing date for auditions is 26th November 2017. Note; all accents and vocal types will be considered. 

Wanted; a Rollicking Fun Show

Hello Creatives and Performing artistes,

I am on the look-out for a fun, high energy Christmas-themed dinner / show to be performed in the Blue Mountains.

  • It could be a little bit ‘saucy’,  but most importantly it needs to be highly entertaining and good fun.
  • The event will be run on a co-operative basis, with the majority of the box-office revenue being distributed to the artistes.
  • I can offer a venue and marketing… all you have to do is put on a great show.

If you are interested to learn more, please write to me with details of your show and your contact information.


Call-out for theatre / cabaret shows

I am always on the look-out for great shows to present in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

If you have created a show and are looking for new audiences, the Blue Mountains might be a good place to start. Next to Sydney, this region is the most visited destination – and those visitors as well as the local residents, are always looking for great theatrical experiences.

Through my production company Entertainment Blue Mountains, I have an established marketing and ticketing infrastructure in place, and have contacts with many venue owners / managers.

If the idea of touring to this beautiful place is appealing to you, please make contact; all discussions are without obligation and will be strictly confidential.

Another ‘Live’ Radio Theatre

Recently, I secured the exclusive performance rights to an Australian radio comedy  series, which I will be staging in a similar way to what I have been doing with The Goon Show LIVE!, which has been staged regularly since 2013.

There are four main characters, who are present in most episodes, and several guest appearances. While most characters are male, some wonderful female characters make guest appearances too.

Auditions are yet to be called; if you want to receive notification of the call-out for applications, it is recommended that you subscribe to my Actors’ newsletter.